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Terrance McMahon - TEDx Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur


Let one of the most thought-provoking speakers, Terrance McMahon, electrify your audience both large or small with his message of transformation and Re-Creation.  From corporate engagements to VIP events. 

Terrance McMahon - TEDx Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur

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From Broken to Beautiful:
An Algorithm to RE-create Yourself

Faced with a failing liver and imminent death, the only thing that could save Terry, would be an 11th hour liver transplant. Someone else had to die for him to live. Terry’s journey toward survival and recovery is not just about his physical health, it is more about a deeply moving mental and spiritual process to re-create himself. In this presentation, Terry reveals the algorithm needed to find your superhero self to overcome any challenge when the odds are stacked against you.

Malcom X University
Chicago, Il

"Recover From Anything"

A Superhero's Journey:

Best Selling Author, TedX Speaker, Coach and expert in personal and brand story telling, Terrance McMahon was one of six children, born in the Berkshire Mountains in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He attended the University of Massachusetts-Lowell on a baseball scholarship. Following college, with a new wife and baby on the way, he worked as a door-to-door (life) insurance salesman, ultimately finding his niche as a managing Partner; he later worked for MassMutual and made CEO of MassMutual-Northern New England. Under Terrance’s leadership, they soon ranked among the top in the country, with his 100s of agents and brokers, managing over a billion dollars in assets.

In 2017, McMahon was the recipient of a life saving liver transplant. He is the Author of four books, an inspirational speaker and business strategist. He is an advocate for Organ Donor Awareness. 

Interview with Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield interviews Terrance McMahon about his new book Superhero Self and explores his alternative views to traditional addiction programs, rehabilitation centers and his own personal journey towards RE-creation and transformation.

Best-Selling Author

Superhero Self:
How To recover from anything and RE-Create yourself

What is your most powerful weapon? Have you thought about what it is that can help you succeed, grow stronger, think smarter? 

Learn how to activate your Superhero Self now!

Superhero Self - Motivational Book